Grading Structure

Grading Structure
The grading structure consist of three colours Black, Gold, Red. When a student begins training they wear a plain black sash. The first Nine levels are shown by nine gold plum blossoms on the black sash. A level Ten student wears a gold sash. An instructor training full time can apply for five teaching degrees, these are shown by red Plum blossoms on the gold sash. Once this is achieved a red sash is awarded.

Teaching degrees
At level Ten (gold sash) the student can request to do a ten year teaching degree. One red Plum blossom is awarded for every two years that the practitioner is teaching and training in the school as well as a thesis must be submitted upon every degree achieved

Senior instructor
A senior instructor (red sash) is the highest rank possible this is achieved through the teaching degrees. A senior instructor must be fluent in all aspects of the Wing Chun system from open hand to weapons as well as theory.

Sash Structure

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